5100 Series Air Filter Test Stand

The 5100 Series is a fully automated air filter test system for designed for both product development and quality audit using gravimetric test methods. The modular design allows for the equipment to be arranged to fit your particular facility. Options allow you to spec a system to meet your specific needs.

5100 Series Air Filter Test Stand 5100 Series Air Filter Test Stand 5100 Series Air Filter Test Stand

Applications include Automated testing for all Air Filter test standards, Engine Intake Air Filter Testing and Flat Sheet Media Testing.

A typical system arrangement is shown with all equipment on a single floor. Multi-floor arrangements allow the blower unit to be placed on the floor above or below reducing the space required in your the test lab.


Air Flow Range:

Model 5011-1000 100-1000 SCFM 50-1000 std m3/hr
Model 5011-2000 100-2000 SCFM 170-3400 std m3/hr

*extended range option uses two LFE Flow Sensors

  • Flow ranges are based on a maximum pressure drop of 50"H2O (12.5kPa) across the test filter
  • Other ranges are available- consult Emprise

Flow Measurement:

  • Single or multiple Laminar Flow Elements (LFE) with high accuracy pressure transducers
  • Flow Measurement Accuracy:  ±0.86% of reading over rated range

Pressure Measurement:

  • Dual range high accuracy transducers measure differential across the test filter
  • Pressure Measurement Accuracy:  ±0.15% of reading over rated range

Dust Feeder:

  • Self-contained, closed loop controlled, gravimetric helical auger type
  • Media: ISO Fine, Medium and Coarse dust
  • Range:  1-100 grams/min
  • Feed Rate Accuracy: ±0.1 gram

Vacuum Pump:

  • Self-contained, positive displacement, rotary lobe vacuum pump
  • Variable speed motor for energy efficiency
  • Sound enclosure

User Interface Controls and Data Acquisition:

  • A custom LabView application runs automated ISO 5011 tests procedures
  • PC, LCD monitor and printer included
  • Housed in a dust resistant EIA enclosure

Utility Requirements:

  • Electrical 460 Vac, 3ph, 60 Hz, 50 Amps (optional international voltages available)
  • Compressed Air: 40 SCFM at 90 psig (68 std m3/hr @ 620 kPa)